The Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT)

Time for some honesty: I did not know what the distinction between an condo and a condo was for a very long time. Do notice that though cluster houses have some of the traits of personal landed properties, they are still thought-about as “condos” in terms of the strata shared land possession. My sister and her husband have been residing on the money taken from our parents and spending it like water.condo

The massive difference between a hotel and a condo lodge is that a resort typically has one proprietor, both particular person or company, however a condo resort is bought off unit by unit. To me, I’m misleading them and I wouldn’t get enthused about spending my money on advertising an overpriced itemizing.condo

I used to be shown how if I acted that very day I could lock in sure favorable charges they had been providing me as a result of I used to be “particular.” They have to deal with lots of people who have simply fallen off a turnip truck if they suppose their slick hard promote is truly a deal.

What all condos have in frequent is that they share widespread areas—such as yards, garages, rec …