How to Find The Best Long Distance Movers?

Moving to a nearby location and going on an interstate adventure are two completely different things. You can say that the first is a piece of cake compared to the second. You need a lot of planning, money, and health to deal with this situation.

Luckily for everyone, there are professional companies that offer moving services and are pretty skilled in it. However, choosing the right one is also something you need to pay attention to. Not everyone can do a proper job. You can find more info online so be sure to check them out.

In order to pick the best one out of the many, you need to make some comparisons between different companies and the best one. Here’s how to do it:


Of course, everyone cares about their budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a tight budget or you have enough, you would not want to pay for something and not get what you need. Make sure you do your research and find companies online and compare their pricing.

More often than not you’ll see a difference in the price by booking a different time of the week and year. For example, some of the companies charge more in the spring and the summer because this is the peak season in the moving business. Also, you’ll probably find better prices if you book on a work week than on the weekend. The stats show that the least people prefer Tuesday, so the best prices are for this day. However, if you try to book a truck and a team on a Saturday, you’ll encounter a great difference in the fees and sometimes you might not even find an available team. That’s why we recommend booking as early as possible and avoiding the peak season.

Type of trucks

Serious moving companies usually have different kinds of trucks. The smaller ones are more affordable, and the big ones are more expensive. Calculate how much stuff you have and see if you need a big or a small truck. Don’t know how to calculate this? Click here.

The problem here is finding the best choice for you. The most popular ones are 12-foot, 16-foot, and 22-foot trucks. The price difference of each truck is big, so you need to be very specific with the size you are getting. You would not want to pay for a bigger truck and end up not utilizing the space. It’s like paying for something you did not use.


As we already mentioned once, moving long distance is a serious job. You need real professionals who can handle this. Before hiring anyone, look online and find reviews of the companies you like the most. See if other clients had a bad experience with them. There are lots of websites offering this feature so you can be sure that you are not going to have a hard time searching.

It’s very important to find movers with enough experience. There’s no room for mistakes here. If something unexpected happens, you might be left without a place to live. You don’t want something like this to happen.

Additional equipment

If you have a piano, pool table, a car that needs to be transferred or something else that is out of the ordinary, you need a mover who’ll be able to provide this for you. If the company you choose have no additional equipment, and you really need it, you’ll have to pay extra to someone else to rent it for this occasion. This will mean more stress, more complex situations, and of course, spending more money on something you might get in a different place for free. See how complicated it is to move a piano:


As you can see, choosing a great long-distance moving company is not easy. However, we hope our advice will help you find the best choice for you. Don’t forget to make a clear plan before you start anything. Pay the new place a visit a couple of times before you get on, and make sure you find the best movers out there. You might be moving for the last time this decade, so make it a great experience.