Tips for Placing and Caring for Rugs

Rugs can provide a sense of comfort and unique accents for a room. So that the rug appears optimally, its placement needs to be considered. You also have to take care of the cleanliness of your rugs, so that the rugs in your home remain an attractive decoration in your home. For the care and cleaning of rugs with satisfactory results, you can use the rug cleaning San Antonio service.

Each color element of the interior of the room should be in tune with the color of the rug. Like, curtain fabric, sofa, and bed cover must be in accordance with the unity. The rug must also be adjusted to the theme that will be displayed in the room (classic, modern, minimalist, etc.).

In addition, also adjust the rug with wall and floor materials, whether made of ceramic, marble, parquet, or other materials. On the other hand, avoid using the same color rug with the color of the wall or floor, because the rug will not create accents for the room.

Caring for Rugs

Maintenance of a rug is actually easy. There are some tips that must be done so that the rug is not damaged quickly. If the rug is used as a heavy cabinet base, you should not leave it for years, because it will damage the rug.

Every two or three months, the rug must be dried for at least three or four hours. The bottom of the rug should first be dried in the sun because in this section there are often water deposits. After that, dry the top, but not too long, because the color of the rug can fade.

If you get a stain, such as food, drink, eggs, urine, or blood stains, the first step to cleaning is to wipe it with a white cloth moistened with warm water, then squeeze so that not too much water. Then, stick the white cloth to the affected area. Wait until the stain is absorbed into the white cloth. After that, wipe the cloth with water.

Do it repeatedly, until all the stains on the rug are absorbed. If stains remain, rub gently in the direction of the thread. Do not contradict the groove, because it will damage the texture of the rug.