7 Reasons Why NDG is the Best Neighbourhood for Young Couples

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, NDG, is populated by nearly 68,000 of Montreal’s residents. If you take a leisurely stroll around this neighbourhood, you’ll find plenty to love about the area. The breathtaking parks, the catchy street art, the savoury bites, and the historical architecture all work together to make living in NDG condos something to desire.

Many things draw people to this neighbourhood. Read on to find out why young couples in NDG condos love this area.

  1. It Has Avoided Gentrification

The NDG we know and love today went through development in the early 20th century. Due to the proximity of the historic Anglophone institutions, such as Concordia University and Loyola College, NDG has garnered a certain reputation. It serves as a hub for students and young couples alike. This reputation has helped save the neighbourhood from modern gentrification.

  1. It’s Easy to Get Around

One of the best parts about living in NDG is how easy it is to get around. There are 18 daytime bus lines and four all-night bus lines. There are also four metro stations, the Décarie Expressway, and multiple paths for bikers. For young couples living in NDG condos, transportation is important.

  1. Foodies Love It

While many tourists …